Please find below a range of un-solicited testimonials from consultants and engineers that have worked with Lucid recently:

“Dear Alice/Dan/Rachel/Chelsea, and the rest of the team at Lucid,

Thank you so much for the Christmas gift which I have just received – it was a nice surprise to receive a bottle of wine in the post! I have never worked with an organisation quite like yours…and it’s the people, i.e. you, that make it so – building great relationships with us contractors. Now you all go show your managers this email and get yourselves a raise!! :D”

“After the odd 15+ years in contracting, I do have to say that Lucid are really prompt with payroll and the after care for contractors is top class…Thanks all”

“Hi Guys,
 Just want to thank you and the other staff for the nice surprise I had in the post yesterday. The card was great and the vouchers will come in handy. I was surprised because I haven’t had anything like that before from a contracting agency, as most are blood sucking parasites and couldn’t give a hoot about you! Thanks for being the exception, I was really touched!! Simon didn’t get anything from his agency, not even a congratulations!”

“I have worked for Lucid Support Services on a number of projects. I have found Alun and his team “Matt Old” and  “Rachel lovely” to very professional, friendly and always there to help. Lucid Support Services made my transition for the armed forces to civilian life and finding work so smooth, I never thought before I left the armed forces I would end up as a contractor. Now with Lucid’s support I would never look back. I also feel that Lucid Support always give a fair price for the jobs they offer which is very important as a contractor. I look forward to working for Lucid and Alun in the future, I would recommend Alun and his team at Lucid Support Services to any contractor looking for good work for a fair days pay.”

“I have found them to be one of the finest recruitment consultants I have ever worked with an would recommend him and his work time and time again. He is punctual (rare but critical quality in his work! In my opinion), professional and knows what he is talking about. 
My first recommendation for this line of work and well deserved… as a contractor I have the “pleasure” in dealing with people in this industry all the time and he has provided an outstanding service to me. A pleasure doing business together, long may it continue.”

We are pleased to say there are many more recommendations and testimonials from consultants and engineers we have worked with.

From all at Lucid, we would like to thank all of the consultants and engineers that have provided a great service to our clients, we couldn’t operate without you, and we look forward to working closely together in the future.