lucid  (loo-sid)

adj. 1. Easily understood;

2. Mentally sound; sane or rational.

3. Translucent or transparent

Our aim is to be the best and most straightforward company for our clients and consultants to work with.

Lucid was established by successful management and recruitment consultants, who had grown tired of the poor ethics and bad working practises within the industry. With the intention of creating an environment that encourages and rewards a “Service-First” philosophy, innovative ideas, and ownership of responsibilities, whilst delivering a top class service with the highest levels of integrity and honesty. Sounds easy…

This approach has been extremely successful, seeing growth every year (except 2009, bad year for most). Lucid is the preferred supplier for some of the UK’s largest companies, and exclusive supplier for a select few enlightened industry leaders.

Lucid has built relationships with key technology champions covering all areas of expertise including new and emerging technologies. We have our own internal database with over 170,000 IT specialists and bespoke internal system that allows us to interrogate the data quickly and effectively, saving huge amounts of time, which means you receive a quick and effective service that only provides the best available candidates.