Standards / Personnel / Delivery 


We strive to achieve the highest standards of integrity in our business. In order to deliver this, it requires all at Lucid to be realistic and honest with clients and consultants at all times. We believe this is the only way to build trust and the best way of cultivating longstanding and productive working relationships for both parties.

Although it sounds a little “cheesy” – We have an internal “Karma Neutral” policy. Because we work with people; we are always faced with difficult and sometimes complex problems and situations, being honest and truthful, however tough, is the only way for us.

In a recent survey of a large customer with multiple buying managers: 90% rated Lucid’s ability to “deal with and resolve problems” as “Excellent” (highest mark) the remaining 10% scored Lucid as “Good”.


Every one of Lucid’s customers has an experienced and dedicated Account Management team, which includes:

  • Account Director
  • Account Manager (main point of contact)
  • 2 x Junior Account Managers
  • Administrator

This approach enables Lucid to fully understand your business, ensures you always have someone available who knows you and your requirements (regardless of holiday, sickness or prior engagements) and a readily available escalation process.


Lucid prides itself on a rapid, relevant and cost effective service.

Every client can expect two-three fully qualified and relevant candidate CVs within 24 hours of registering the need.

Every candidate submitted to a client will have gone through an interview process to identify the very best available. Permission to represent will be asked and agreed prior to submittal.

We DO NOT inundate you with CVs. It’s our job to filter, interview, filter again and pick the best candidates for the role.

We DO NOT send unsolicited emails, spam or blanket marketing

The most important thing to point out is that Lucid is incredibility good at what is does. The senior management team have over 80 years combined IT recruitment experience; we are driven, motivated and committed to the company and clients we serve.