Executive Solutions

Having the right people at the top is about as important as it gets. Choosing board members and non-exec Directors is not about taking punts, its about getting the right person to lead. Its about who you know and how to attract them.

Lucid has a division that solely provides high level executive solutions to clients. Our team is extremely well connected to industry leaders, directors and business owners across the globe. You may require a full time interim director or a non-exec for five days a year, or a new permanent board member. Whatever the circumstance; we can introduce exactly the right person for your company with industry specific knowledge and background. You may even know who you want but cant attract them, leave it to us, we’ll get your man or woman. The following are examples of roles we can help you fulfill:

  • CEO, CTO, COO, CIO, Chief Executive
  • Director: Managing, Finance, IT, Marketing, Sales,
  • Non-Executive Director,  Board Member

For more information on how Lucid can confidentially assist you, call Tony Fabrizio on 01908 690000