How We Can Help

Lucid successfully provides three offerings to the Channel, all completely anonymously if required:

  1. Re-Sell
  2. Back-fill
  3. Ship-Out


Where specialist technology skills are not currently available in-house. Companies tend to “badge” our consultants/engineers as their own team or “consultant pool of resource”, add a margin and make profit from the end-customer as well as delivering the full service/project without outsourcing or passing up on non-specialist areas. Companies are maximising on profits with this method, because they no longer have to ensure they have permanent staff to fulfill every part of their service which enables them to be lean without needing to make lay-offs in quiet times. Utilisation of staff being so high, having a tried and tested pool of candidates to call upon at short notice puts control back in their hands when new projects are won.


Client has a high utilsation of their own technical team, but has to use their own staff on-site (for whatever reason). We help by providing the technical resource to internally cover business as usual (BAU) whilst the project is being delivered.


Client is reluctant to take on a project due to the high level of co-ordination, project planning or scheduling involved, but still wants to provide/sell equipment and software to the client (i.e. national desktop roll-out/audit/swap-outs). Lucid (as the delivery partner) quotes to deliver the whole logistics piece on behalf of our customer including all scheduling/delivery.

Lucid has been chosen by many of the top 100 companies (some exclusively) to provide them and their client projects with temporary resource to deliver full or part projects.

Let us help you grow and support your business, please call 01908 690000 and speak to Paul Hughes.