IT Project Delivery Recruitment

This is where a client has a project with a large amount of co-ordination and scheduling involved, possibly covering a large geographic area in a short time-frame, typically audit, swap-out or installation projects, where multiple engineers would be used.

Lucid will act as your delivery partner. We will provide you with a fixed price for the project, we will recruit all team members required, supply all of the kit necessary, schedule the project and deliver the service, either badged up as an extension of your business or stand-alone partner.

Because we have extensive experience in delivering this type of service, we get the job done on time and always exceed expectation on cost compared to outsourcing or using your own staff.


In a recent project Lucid delivered for a national company, we scheduled and coordinated  the delivery and replacement / swap-out of over 1000 new hard drives to over 500 different sites across the UK in a 6 week period. The client was (not surprisingly) very pleased with the result.