Temp to Perm IT Recruitment

On occasion, it can  be extremely difficult to recruit the right person. On occasion, a candidate can interview extremely well but be completely different after they start. Sometimes a gamble pays off and sometimes it does not!

Lucid offers a solution that allows you to try a candidate and for them to experience your environment and the role before both parties commit to a full time position.

Lucid will provide a temporary to permanent contract, typically a 6 month agreement, with commercials agreed in advance. After that initial period, if all would like to progress, then Lucid facilitates the move to permanent staff at no cost. Should the candidate not work out for any reason, Lucid will provide another until the correct one is identified.

See them “Walk the Walk” before you “Talk the Talk”. This could save you thousands in recruitment fees and wasted time and energy going through the process of hiring and firing an unsuitable starter.